Tea & Jam

Our Tea Lovers gift box contains 12 bags The Wee Tea Company Breakfast Black Blend and 12 bags Gunpowder Green Tea, Island Bakery Lemon Melts, and Island Bakery Apple Crumbles, our award-winning Raspberry and Ghanaian Chilli jam, Apple and Ghanaian Chilli Jelly, Chocolate Chilli Fudge, and a SYC tote bag.

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£ 35.00 tax incl.

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1 x 12 bags Wee Tea Company Breakfast Black Blend - 36g

1 x 12 bags Wee Tea Company Gunpowder Green Tea - 30g

1 x Island Bakery Lemon Melts - 133g

1 x Island Bakery Apple Crumbles - 125g

1 x Schoolyard Chillies Raspberry and Chilli Jam - 190g

1 x Schoolyard Chillies Apple and Chilli Jelly - 190g

1 x Ochil Fudge Pantry x Schoolyard Chillies Chocolate Chilli Fudge - 200g

1 x Schoolyard Chillies cotton tote