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    Our Simply Sauce and Dips gift box is a collection of our most popular dips and toppings, and is ideal for spicing up a party. These SYC favourites go perfectly with cheese boards, hot tortilla chips, burgers, dirty fries, and stir fry.

  • £20.00 In Stock

    One for couples with a sweet tooth and adventurous spirit! Choose from Schoolyard Chillies original, lime, or orange chocolate chilli spread. Also included is our brand new Chocolate Chilli Pretzels, two Belgian melting hot chocolate and marshmallow stirrer spoons, and two Schoolyard Chillies mugs.

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    Our decadent chilli chocolate hamper is sweet and fiery. Choose from either our original Chocolate Chilli spread, kafir lime chocolate, or orange chocolate, and we'll match with our original, lime, or orange chocolate fudge. Also included is a packet of sumptuously simple Island Bakery Organic Shortbread Biscuits, Schoolyard Chillies Chocolate Chilli...

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    The Schoolyard Chillies Chefs' Box contains a selection of our essential kitchen condiments. There is everything you need to bring fragrancy and heat to range of cuisines. Our oils sauces and rubs bring depth and richness to stir fry, Thai, Indian, Caribbean, North African, and Vietnamese dishes, soul food, burgers and BBQ, and much more.

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    Our Simply Cheese hamper contains all you need for a simple and delicious cheese board. It contains two truckles of cheese from the award-winning Damn Fine Cheese Company. We have selected classic mature cheddar and the delicious smoked cheddar, both pairing well with either our Raspberry Chilli Jam or Apple Chilli Jelly. Also included is a rich and...

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    The Cheese Lovers Gift Box, with the choice between Apple Chilli Jelly or Raspberry Chilli Jam, comes with three truckles of cheese from the award-winning Damn Fine Cheese Company. We have selected The Italian Job (cheddar with tomato and basil), classic mature cheddar, and smoked cheddar. Also included is Island Bakery Three Seed Organic Oatcakes, and a...

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items