fruit & veg box

Seasonal Fresh Food Box Scheme.

Receive weekly deliveries of the freshest vegetables whilst giving you the option to include some artisan sauces, jams, oils and condiments.

With many of us cooking from scratch more than we were before lockdown, a veg box is the perfect way to explore new recipes and get adventurous with varieties you perhaps wouldn’t think to place in your basket when shopping in person.

Deliveries are free within East Dunbartonshire and are scheduled for particular days. Orders need to be placed at least 24hrs before delivery schedule.

You start by selecting your type of Box.

You can then choose whether you want standard premium vegetables or whether you want to choose from our SCARECROW range which is imperfect fruit and veg which would otherwise go to waste. 

With prices starting at £5 can be selected for single households to large families.

You can then combine and upgrade your vegetable box to include a selection of artisan sauces, spreads, jams or condiments or some basic food stuffs.

Alternatively, boxes can be built from scratch by selecting individual items on our website. We will then pack them and deliver them to you during one of our scheduled delivery days.

All the fresh products have been sourced from Scottish Farmers whilst the artisan products have been produced here in East Dunbartonshire so whether you want just a simple veg box or a produce box that helps you with ideas for your meals then there is a box for everyone. 
Keep your kitchen well-stocked with our simple and affordable staples and you'll always be able to whip up a tasty, easy and healthy meal

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