SYC Scholarship Programme!

SYC Scholarship Programme!

As you know, our core aim is to stamp out the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Ghana. We do this paying small-hold farmers a fair rate for their chillies on the condition that they don’t use any child labour on any of their farms. With these chillies, we make tasty ethically-sourced chilli sauces, spreads, jams, and snacks. Every penny of surplus (profit) we make from the sale of our goodies goes right back to Ghana.

We’re always looking for new ways to help our partners in Africa. In recent years we’ve successfully provided farmers with training in sustainable land management farming practices. This helps them to continue to farm efficiently in the face of the climate crisis. We’ve also provided loans to allow farmers to access essential farming equipment, again helping them to farm smarter and improve their yields.

Earlier this year we successfully kick-started a new initiative. We set up a sponsorship programme for some of the most at-risk children in Ghana, those whose families are in such a dire situation that they’re left with little option but to pull their children from school and send them out to work to contribute to the family income.

The head of the Ghanaian Chamber of Farmers, our partner Bernard, identified 40 children from the towns of Ada, Busa, and Tongo who were at the greatest risk of having to engage in the Worst Forms of Child Labour. We provided each of children’s families a monthly bursary for the school term that allows them to support themselves without having to send their children out to work. This makes for more secure families, happier kids, and a rare opportunity for these people to break free from the cycle of poverty.

Next month when school breaks for the end of term, Bernard will be treating the students to a camping trip in the countryside near Ada! A well deserved celebration for everyone involved.

We couldn’t do this without the support of you, our customers. We’re not the cheapest chilli condiment producer in the market, but we are the one who makes the biggest and most direct difference to the lives of some of the most disadvantaged individuals on the planet.


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