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    In 2017 we set up the Ghanaian Chambers of Farmers to address the issue of exploitative child labour and as a result, over 18 months, 4,000 children have been retained in education.

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    chilli PRETZELs

    Our delicious award winning treats.
    How will you eat yours? 

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  • £ 4.50 In Stock

    The perfect combination of sweet, salty & pleasingly crunchy. Taken to a new level with the additional warmth of sun-dried Ghanaian chilli peppers. We’d like to call this a sharing bag, but who are we kidding...

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  • £ 3.75 In Stock

    Our ethically sourced Ghanaian chilli oil is perfect for pepping up pasta, pizzas, salads, or salsas, as well meat or fish. It’s suitable for cooking at high temperatures, think stir fries, as well as a drizzle or dip - 250ml

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  • £ 25.00 Out of stock

    Due to overwhelming public demand, we've bundled together six bags of our award-winning Chocolate Chilli Pretzels. Never get caught short on your new favourite snack again!

    £ 25.00
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  • £ 3.50 In Stock

    A mix of herbs and spices including ethically sourced Ghanaian Chilli to infuse subtle flavours to Lamb or Beef For the perfect Sunday roast with a twist – 30g. "A pleasingly aromatic and colourful mix in the pot." — Great Taste - The Guild of Fine Food

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